Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey I'm back! I know you're all very happy out there! I only have time for a short post and no pictures, because my owner has lost her camera. She has moments where she's just not all there. She's very sorry that my handsom pictures won't be added.
As you know, I have a sister named Gracie. She's been sick and may have to go to the V-E-T. She's really scared. I keep telling her she'll be okay, but she won't listen. I am right, I'm always right.
The weirdest thing happened yesterday, my owner was telling her dad about basket ball try outs and then the power went out. She screamed and I went to her and accedentally knocked her over. She said it was okay, though. I felt bad, but I am a big boned doggie, I can't help it.
Well, my owner says it's time for bed and that I need to get off the computer. I am a little sleepy when I think about it...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

welcome to the Adventures of King George!

Hey guys

My name is George and i am a black lab mix with a big appetite and an even bigger sense of adventure!

There i am! That's my face i use to make the mommy give me treats and it has a very high success rate! Besides working on this new blog i also love to go on long walks and even though i am a slightly older man, at 10 years old, i also like to wrestle and hang out with my hyper sister Gracie

She can be a little camera shy sometimes, but trust me she isn't shy at all when shes trying to wrestle the tennis ball away from me. Gracie is my best mate and my Mommy says she brings out the puppy in me.
I think this blog thing will be a great way to meet some new doggy friends and i am looking forward to the "Dog Blog Experience!"

thanks for stopping by and reading my very first post!
King George